Company History

Withfeelings Jewelry as a company is born out of love and dedication towards creating that perfect piece of jewelry, which captures all the emotions possible into itself. Now in it's 17th Year of operation, we are proud to be part of thousands of couples who have trusted us to create that unique piece of engagement ring or bridal set. We believe not in mass produced jewelry, but in creating that perfect engagement ring that symbolises your love.

Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite

And just like that, whether you are looking for beautiful one of a kind diamond engagement rings at affordable prices, or beautiful gemstone rings made with either ruby, sapphire, emerald or morganite, we have one of the most unique selections of rings out for you. And each piece of our jewelry can be customized in any manner that you want it to be. All our jewelry is handmade and made to order, so that you can get that perfect designer engagement ring, that unique piece of jewelry that you can call your own, defining your love for each other.

Withfeelngs Jewelry has grown with the years and we now have offices in USA, Canada and UK.
Our USA office is at Withfeelings Houston at 1321 Upload Dr, Houston, Texas, 77043
Our Canada office is at Withfeelings 167 Church St, #1401, Toronto, ON, M5B1Y6
You can each us anytime at 800-742-1806 or via email at

Our Jewelry Making Process: Just add Dedication and Love to the Mix

From initial sketching, to creating handmade wax molds, to initial gold casting and stone setting to final polishing, Your engagement ring is made with love, care and feelings, as we understand the emotions that go behind each engagement ring.


Unique Designs

With over 15,000 designs of unique and affordable engagement rings, our jewelry designers try to define and portray love into each unique ring sketch that is prepared, in creating that unique and perfect ring


HandCrafted with Love

All our jewelry is handmade and crafted with love and passion. It is this reason that each engagement ring and bridal set made by us represents our feelings and dedication for making jewelry


Unique like Your Love

Our handcrafted diamond and gemstone rings, is as unique as your love. If you are looking for a perfect yet affordable engagement ring whether made with diamonds or gemstones, look no further

Our Engagement Rings

Genuine, beautiful and long-lasting family heirlooms of love

diamond engagement rings

Diamond Rings

View collection of beautiful diamond engagement rings and bridal sets

sapphire engagement rings

Sapphire Rings

View collection of unique blue sapphire rings and bridal sets

Morganite Rings

Morganite Rings

View collection of perfect pink morganite gemstone rings and sets

Ruby Engagement Rings

Ruby Rings

View Collection of beautiful Ruby engagement rings and wedding sets

Emerald Engagement Rings

Emerald Rings

View collection of superb green emerald engaegment rings and sets

Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Black Diamond Rings

View Collection of perfect black diamond rings and sets

Our Happy Customers

To each and everyone of our over 15,000 Customers, we thank you with all our heart. Read some of the reviews that our customers were kind enough to share


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